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Watch and the Watchmaker

The necessity to answer the question of existence and non-existence of abstract entities beyond the perception of human senses and probably human mind, has been central to the development of psyological and philosophical evolution.These abstract entities beckon humans down the paths, the areas so often grey and usually the paths themselves becomes the reward and the destinations still seem as as ever.These paths have been so often trodden by many in the human history but each traveller has to re-discover these paths as the footsteps left by those who have managed to go far enough seems to bring one back to the same place where one had started.

Each of those destinations thus obtained by those travelers are equally valid and depends heavily on the premises on which the directions were chosen in the beginning of the travel. The possibilities are numerous and the paths uncountable and destinations equally different.

A complex adaptive system like a human mind is a pattern seeker and satisfies itself understood when it is able to relate its directions with its observations. One such path is the one in which comparison of various repeated and repeatable phenomenon around us and branding them together to form a theory of its occurrence. The collection of such theories has been called as science and a well established theory becomes known as fact. This fact is usually considered as a reality and becomes part of the everyday experience and life.

What actually can constitute reality is often a confusing as aspect for the evolving human mind and this confusion forms the basis of any belief system. The belief system is reinforcing and a self emergent system which grows stronger and stronger backed by experience and occasional accidents in favor of the directions chosen by the traveller.

The necessity to believe in the belief system itself is central to the progress once the direction is chosen. This path or way of life is called religion and the followers of the religion accept the necessity of some central dogma and the premises on which the directions for the religion is chosen.

Science is one such religion which tries to explain the working of this seemingly clockwork universe based on the observation of the working of the clock. The only basic and the most difficult problem of explaining the working of the clock is that you need to explain it without opening the clock itself. So a best fit hypothesis to explain the internal construction of the clock is formed which provides as close an explanation to the external appearance and working of the clock.

The hypothesis explaining a possible structure if the internal construction of the watch by no means excludes the possibility of a completely alternate internal construction of the watch.Many different internal construction could give rise to the external manifestation and functionality of the watch, which the human mind defines using the term 'reality'. Now is the external manifestation of the watch to be considered as 'reality' or does the internal construction of the watch form the 'reality'.?

The external working of the watch is the mere projection of what may need to be considered actual, but whatever we call as the actual is beyond the access limits of the human mind. It is only possible to come close to explaining the internal construction based on the observable universe but never the origin of those projections themselves.

This leads us to the question of what needs to be accepted as reality, the projected mirage or the reasons for the projections themselves. Are we dealing with two types of reality, one inaccessible and abstract and hence subjective to the direction chosen by the traveller and the other reality which is accesible and observable called the objective reality. This duality forms the central conflict in the search for the ultimate answers to or seemingly elusive explanation of the universe.

Is there a purpose in searching for a reality which is not accessible to any of the senses of human faculty? The study of the history of the development of human phycological and philosophical evolution suggest that 'purpose' is central to human existence. The human mind is incapable of accepting anything as real which does not have a purpose  and a cause for its manifestation.This search for the central cause for the working of the watch necessitates the creation of a 'watchmaker'. The fundamental nature of the watchmaker once accepted answers questions basic to the working of the watch. The answering of the questions is by eliminating the questions themselves and allowing them to vanish under the clouds of a belief system. The postulates of such a belief system would not allow one to question the postulates themselves and if we disown the postulates the whole belief system comes crumbling down.

The 'watch and the watchmaker' restores some sanity and stability to the otherwise in-deterministic nature of the beauty we marvel around us, but this my no means eliminates equally valid alternative self contained belief systems and hence the search continues....

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