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                                                Writing Creative Non-Fiction


The course on Creative Non –Fiction will expand and amplify the initial ideas that make creative writing / creative non-fiction, features and experimental literature. These sessions will lead you into experimenting and working with creating images , sketching characters, writing dialogues , setting scenes, writing’ Flash’ and so on . Short readings from some of the best published authors are samples that will offer renewed perspectives.

(The weekly writing assignments that grow out of readings will focus on new craft elements and new approaches to craft. In addition, the attempt would be to engage with many of the options available to writers of fiction/ nonfiction: scene versus compressed narration; incorporating research; building region specific, culturally revealing worlds; exploring the act of memory in creating effective outlines and stories.

This short term course runs into 20 hours, once /twice during weekends

Session -1

  • Story telling – Conversations and writings

Session -2

  • Why read?

Session -3

  • Writing Worlds

Session -4

  • Skills for critical thinking: Texts and Contexts


  • From critical to creative skills: Creativity Strategies

Session -6

  • Creative Nonfiction


  • Why creative Non –fiction?


  • The Vein of Jade: Restraint in Nonfiction


  • Ideate –Readings that help create characters, places and shapes …


  • Ideation: Exploring taboo and the darker, deeper elements

Session -11

  • Words as Images

Session -12

  • Research  in writing

Session -13

  • Character building


  • Setting


  • Dialogue

Session -16

  • Voice

Creative Writing Course

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