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Nature of Nature

The race between Math to be pervasive and Nature to be elusive is what gives rise to questions mankind has been grappling in the dark for ages. So far Math has been a pretty good competitor but it is doubtful whether there would be clear winner simply because the race might never end or it would be illogical for the rave to end or to call it a race in the first place. Math seems to have the power to unravel truth for truth’s sake. It would be injustice on our part to question these truths, because of lack of alternative means. Could there exist some other methods of finding truths? And is the absolute synonymous with truth or is truth only some sort of an excuse for our rhetoric? The blemish of practical math is that it has to answer our questions of fitting reality.

Is there any necessity in believing in something called truth? We should let Math tackle questions it should. As far as using Math for other things like love or to explain the taste of a cup of coffee, it is utterly uncalled for because Math has so far only answered questions that are objective, not subjective. And why is mankind preoccupied with believing in an existence of something beyond. As far as Nature is concerned we can only answer questions as they arise and if we are overwhelmed sometimes by Her enormous complexity let us enjoy this sensation of overwhelming, but let us not compare Nature with Math for each have their own pedestals. There can be no tool or language that can encompass all the observable phenomenon of Nature. There is no point in searching for a truth that is not comprehendible. The truth we believe and run after is also just a mirage of something not comprehendible and we define rules and theories just to satisfy our curiosity. Or is it possible that the equations, which we develop, really do represent the truth, but we are not able to visualize or understand our own equations? We have a whole body of works in east and west dealing with search for truths and many lives have been lived solely for this sake.

Mathematics evolves to fit the observed phenomenon in Nature in our search to find their governing laws. Is Nature Mathematics or are we suiting our Mathematics to explain Nature? We can only form some opinion for ourselves but the question will never be answered. If the question is answered the either the whole edifice on which Mathematics is built will come down or we shall start strongly doubting our own commonsense. We can only move towards infinity but never reach it. Enjoy the experience of walking on that path. Search for those elusive laws knowing fully well that they don’t exist. Try to formulate laws to explain the occurrence and make approximation to describe the event in another form.

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