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It so often happens that finding justification for others actions is an essential part of staying sane and happy for oneself. I am not sure whether I want to treat it as a general phenomenon or as a trait that I have developed rightly or wrongly to keep myself amused. When we start expecting that the other person we are close with respond to a specific situation in a manner that you consider most appropriate, then there is a certain degree of dependency that we impose on our ability to remain happy. The response if contrary to the expectation is observed, then there is every chance that we slip to a mood not too beneficial for the curve of happiness. It is human nature and I am no exception. But if we try to find a justification in a positive sense foe the actions of others that we observe are contrary to our expectations, then feel better about the situation. The important part here is to believe in that justification that we provide ourself. That justification may or may not be true in reality and maybe isn't necessary to know the reality. We just have to believe in the reality that we create for ourselves. I don't mind if I consider some of the facts as dreams or some dreams as facts. That fine line that connects facts with dreams is the one that we have to control. It is not necessary to know the truth in many instances. A make believe truth is what we call faith and it is this faith that keeps human relationships going in this world of holograms. If by any chance, one has the ability to keep oneself sane and happy, knowing all the truths that he elevates himself to the pedestal of God. But the word truth itself is elusive and all that exist or should exist is the relative truth about situations. The most appropriate truth from one's perspective is what I call Dharma and it cannot be absolute. The most appropriate action that a situation demands which is as close to objective reality as possible is ones Dharma. The justification that I find for a situation that could be a make believe reality may appear to be a mirage, but I would like to call this mirage beautiful even if I know its not real.

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