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If Only...

(If Kipling wrote a sequel after a hundred years,

I hope he wouldn't kill me)


If only Kipling's song had a sequel for our times

For each age has its own peculiar rhythms and rhymes

So here goes my quirky tale of his mighty "If"

I have added the "only" to bring out the diff

If only the first waft of mud smelt the same

Since the shelters are common for that rain

If only the street smells of various mix

And we took the roses along with the bricks

If only the signal turned red and the foot

Slammed the pedal with the shiny little boot

And smiled at the androgyne who came for some alms

And gave a chunk of goodness, placing it in their palms

If only the board room heroes in the dark coats

Took home a lesser chunk of printed notes

And thanked the guy who filled their glasses

And made better deals for the bulging masses 

If only the conference room heads of state

Cut down on weapons, bombs and objects of hate

And thought about those shivering in gutters

Then thy could think clear, not always shutter

If only the protectors of ancient faith

Thought the human message of the turning lathe

That works nonstop, making machines from the raw

Their wards could face life full, and take it on their jaw

If only Kipling were here and see his hundred meter dash

Reduced to a melee where driving is a rash

I doubt whether he could write a better "If"

For I suspect he too would be scared stiff !

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