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Creative Writing Course - English

Do you have a real story to tell?

Does it have to do with your participation in the world?

Do you get bugged with objectivity or balance in tone or viewpoint?

Do you believe that the ordinary mundane 'everyday' is worthy of exploration?

Join the Creative Writing Course

Course offering

1. Introduction to the genre of creative non-fiction

2. Genre crossovers

3. Picture the Author

4. Explore the devices of creative non-fiction

5. Explore the craft of creative non-fiction

Course Facilitator

Dr Sreedevi Santosh

She has been teaching for the past 15 years in the Department of English, set papers on food, travel, city spaces, gender, sexuality, graphic novels for research scholars at the University. Her doctoral dissertation explored writings of creative nonfiction

Keyboard and Mouse

Course details

20hrs course over a span of 3 weeks

Live teaching sessions, worksheets, discussions, and a project for successful completion

Course Fees

Rs 2000 

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